A hard job

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You know we are always ready to sacrifice ourselves to try, test, select the best equipment that you will enjoy next year...

And it's been going on for years! This is also why we love our job.

More seriously, the field of skiing is constantly changing and innovating. Since the advent of snowboarding there is now... skiing has not stopped improving, we can safely speak of a revolution and even revolutions: always shorter, easier, more efficient in short always more!

From "planted sticks" to carving, the technique has evolved on its side. Is it the technology that has evolved the technique or the opposite? Regardless, for anyone interested in the field of skiing, the era was great, but it is essential to follow, to experience this innovation in progress.

The biggest manufacturers organize test presentations of future products for the coming season. For these manufacturers, 2016 is already here, with its many surprises.

For Dynastar, a brand of the Rossignol group with Lange and Look, after the presentation of the new products in Chamonix, nearly 240 invited professionals had the chance to try them out at the Grands Montets (our team is one of them, of course).

We can't wait to tell you about them and even better to let you try them out, but shh, impossible for the moment. We have to hold our tongues, that's the hardest part.

You want us to tell you everything, hold on tight: it's going to be great! You can say it again: The "Made In Chamonix" never ceases to amaze us!


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